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Led by musical director Frank Cifali, this band developed versatile and dynamic entertainment options.


They’ve mastered creating a classic feel with their focus on Motown and the sounds of the 70’s and 80’s, and can be accompanied by a DJ who offers a sampling of pop hits. The combination allows for all members of the audience, no matter their age, to engage with the performers and get on their feet!



Male lead vocalist "STEVE" is a seasoned singer in the wedding industry. STEVE'S vocal styling ranges from the classic Motown period, to retro 80's, the work of Frank Sinatra and the sounds of today.Lead vocalist Mary accentuates the band and enriches the sound with her strong and beautiful voice.  

They work together flawlessly to create the perfect musical atmosphere. "Not just a wedding band" is constantly proven by both the instrumentalists and the vocalists in this band, to move through all styles of music throughout the evening.

Band of Gold

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