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All photo booths are NOT the same!


Our photo booths are attractive and will not detract from your decor.  We use high megapixel Digital SLR cameras in our photobooths that provide quality photos second to no photobooth in the industry.   In addition, our system prints out photos at lightening speed and the photo quality is remarkable.


We provide fun and tasteful props for use in our photo booths.  The scrapbook table will be well stocked with everything your guests need to make it fun!  But most importantly, our people make the biggest difference. They are professional, skilled at what they do, and will keep the party moving to ensure everyone has a great time.

Compare pricing if you wish, but make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Our booths are packed with features that no one else has!


No one can match our service, options, and props.


No one can match the FUN!


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